Do you have a tired old resume that you wrote 2-3 jobs ago?

Perhaps you’re old school and used to working on a handshake and a “You’re hired” and have never needed a piece of paper to introduce you.

You may be re-entering the workforce after raising a family, or a school leaver ready to take on the world…

Or, maybe you’re just tired of your current role and looking for a job that will spark renewed joy!

Enter Shantastic Resumes! Let me help you tick that first thing off the list.

The quest to gain employment is heavily reliant on first impressions and in these days of technology, your cover letter and resume often precede your first face-to-face meeting. Irrespective of your field of expertise or experience, a professional resume and accompanying cover letter is an essential self-marketing tool. Your prospective employer knows that you are qualified and experienced or you wouldn’t have applied for the position – they want to see the human being behind the experience, and the personality behind the qualifications and abilities.



Your personalised package can be classically designed black and white, or a little fun with a teeny pop of colour, whilst being professional and showing off your most important attributes and abilities! I put 110% (and more – I’m a notorious people pleaser) in to each and every clients’ work, and pride myself on attention to detail and creating a package that represents YOU.

Now I can’t coach on interview techniques and the rest, but in creating you a rockin’ resume, I can help you with that first step of being noticed! I love seeing the change in client’s confidence and hearing of their success! My services are affordable for everyone – from job seekers and the long term unemployed, to those professionals who would like just like a fresh update!

“One important key to success is confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

– Arthur Ashe